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Stefano Giorgi was born in Turin, where he lives and works. He graduated in Architecture at Polytechnic of Turin. He does not attend the Academy of Fine Art, but he studied drawing and painting with various masters.  He deepened the chinese ink painting with Master Carlo Giaccone. In his studio he started working with ink stains and he defines his personal definition of "aleatoric-figurative painting."

He realized in 2005 a special projection system that combines liquid colors and video projections, and he  performs live painting with a particular and unique style accompanied by musicians, moving in various contemporary contexts, from dance to visual art, from music to theater. He has worked with the rock band Subsonica in acoustic tour in 2011, participated in the "MiTO" festival ( Milan 2014), Avignon Off Festival (Avignon 2010), "TorinoSpiritualità" festival (2013-2016), "Incanti" festival (Turin 2014-2016), Experimental Film Virginia Festival (USA 2017). He is currently working with avant-garde musicians in muscical improvisation projects  using projections and sound sculptures.

He paints, in periods of isolation and mountain meditation, works in which blends eastern and western tecnice, randomness and control.

stefano giorgi


via Belfiore 5h 10127 Torino

Solo exhibitions

2021 "Aleatoric drop Painting" Stoneovenhouse - Rorà (TO)
2014 "raw Card - Butterfly Effect" exhibition with Andrea Guerzoni and Max Bottino, House Sponge Contemporary Art, Pergola (PU) by Federica Mariani and Giovanni Gaggia
2012; "Something is or seems" Phanes Room, Torino, curator Domenico Maria Papa
2012: "In space, out of time" in the interior design studio "La Linea", Biella
2012: "Sans Frontieres" Chaos Officine - Turin. Curator  Tony D'Agruma.
2008: "Matrix" Inquadro gallery, Roma, curator Luca Benassi
2006: "Twilight" Calandra gallery, Turin
2004: "Towards the bare impossible", Seiperotto Art Food and Wine, Torino
1998: "Blackness", the church of Jesus, Moncalieri (Turin)
1996: "The cube" exhibition space "the Niches" Zona Castalia, Torino, curator D.Salani.

performances -(uploading in progress)

2022 "lacrime di sale" teatro Scuola Holden, Torino, festival delle migrazioni

2022  "La madre muerte" Sant'Ambrogio di Susa, Chieri, Torino

2022 "Ake & Giorgi" TODigitalDays, Torino

2022 "Invisibili le città" Teatro Sociale di Valenza (AL)

2021 “istantanea composizione”  Castello D'Albertis, Museo delle Culture del Mondo,  Genova

2021 "lacrime di sale"  teatro Bellarte, Festival TorinoSpiritualità

2021  "La madre muerte" Mulino della Torre, Chieri

2021  "Niente di antico sotto il sole. Omaggio a Luigi Ghirri", Isole, Torino

2021 "invisibili le città" Teatro Concordia, Avigliana

2021 "immagini instabili" Festival della scala locrese, Locri

2020 "la madre muerte" Molo di lilith, Torino

2019  "Combin en musique"  Aosta

2019  "invisibili le città" Biennale democrazia, Torino

2019  "i giganti della montagna" Izmir, Turchia



2017 “ Real-Time-Paintings” per il festival/residenza artistica “Experimental film Virginia” Cape Charles (USA) 

2017) “Istantanea composizione” Ollomont (Aosta)

2016 “tempi burrascosi” per il  festival INCANTI , opera di Nicola Campogrande, Casa del Teatro Ragazzi, Torino

2016 “Brani di carne”, Torino spiritualità, Circolo dei lettori, Torino
2015: "ink drop faces", performance in the event billboard Ateliers d'Artistes de Belleville, Eglise Notre-Dame de Ménilmontant, Paris
2015: "the plots of wood" live painting projection during the Frederico Bagnasco's concert, Superbudda Creative Collective, Torino
2015 Early Music Festival, live painting projection during "officium Defunctorum" by Thomas Luis de Victoria Romano Canavese (TO)
2014 "giant mountain" by Pirandello, Gobetti Theatre, Turin, company OPS, scheduled shows for the theater Stable
2014 "clouds" live painting projection, Biella (Fondazione Pistoletto), Turin, Rome, Avellino, Orbetello.
2014 "stormy times" by Nicola Campogrande, theater Leonardo da Vinci, Milan, billboard for the festival MiTO



2014 "The Strange towards" within the Incanti international festival of puppetry, Torino
2014 Garage Vian, Torino "Zaza", in collaboration with the writer Francesco Forlani
2014 live painting projection during event in the calendar of Torino Spirituality
2014 festival Influazioni, Lacedonia (AV), "The People's Magic in Irpinia"
2014 Theatre Valeria Moriconi, Jesi, live painting for the concert MANUEL VOLPE Sextet
2014 "stormy times" by Nicola Campogrande, theater Bibiena, Mantova
2013 live painting projection during event in the calendar of Torino Spirituality
2013 "Clouds", live painting projection at Cinemavvenire, Rome
2013 performance in the review Wildflowers, edited by Roberta Minici, NOPX gallery Torino
2012 "Clouds", live painting projection, Theatre of the fall, Turin
2012 Parco del Valentino Torino "the world looks at the world pay tribute to Luigi Ghirri" live painting projection for Italo Calvino's short story "Adventures of a Photographer" by Bin11
2012: "Spots", Espace Theatre - Turin live painting projection during impro-performance with Greeen Broz
2012: "Sans Frontiers", Chaos Officine - Turin edited by Tony D'Agruma.
2012: "Mark horse", Dispensary Art spades, Milan, readings shown and Milena Prisco
2012: "unstable images" live painting at the Teatro Valle, Rome
2011: EDEN tour, SUBSONICA, live painting projection

2011: "spots" Sim Card, LA FILANDA Multimedia Museum Serre Calabresi, Monterosso Calabro (VV) - curated by Domenico La Grotteria.
2011: "spots", Certosa di Collegno, Collegno (TO) - curated by Domenico La Grotteria
2011: "spots" physiognomies and identity, Palazzo Arduino, Cuorgnè - by Domenico Pope.
2011: "Chinese river" China made in Italy, Tomato Catch Up, Torino - by Annamaria Salinari.
2011: "ACTIONSOUNDPAINTING", Miao Turin, Fabrizio Fenu Bozzi, electric guitar, Chris Iemulo, acoustic chit.elettrica
2011: Performance for the concert Woodpigeon, Courtyard Pharmacy Turin.
2011: "Inkmusik" theater festival "The Sacred Through the ordinary", Giulio Berutto music, theater Astra, Torino,
2011: IN HORAS independent noise music festival LUSERNA SAN GIOVANNI (TO)
2011: Marco Cavallo, Coffee Basaglia, Torino, reading shown and Milena Prisco
2010: Inkmusik Teatre du Fabrik, Avignon, Festival off, Giulio Berutto music, movement Roberta Minici
2010: Marco horse, Studio Mars, Torino, reading shown and writer Milena Prisco
2010: ODRZ06 Blitz Bovisa, Milan, with performances ODRZ (live electronics), Stefano Giorgi (video paintings), Marcella Fanzaga, (dance), Elena Pellegatta (dance), Roberta Minici (dance).
2010: Meeting Point Gallery Space Tadini, Milan, with: Dante Tanzi (live electronics), Cristiano Calcagno (percussion), Zeiro Maddalena (piano), Marcella Fanzaga (dance), Vincent Catalano (dance)
2009: "PERSEFONE the image sacrifice" Unusual Contemporary Dance Festival, Art Movement - Torino: performance music: DJ TAX
2009: Meeting point L.a.b.a. Academy of Fine Arts, Brescia "" Marcella Fanzaga (dance) ODRZ (music)
2009: "INK MUSIC Paintings for a musician," The Sacred through the Ordinary San Pietro in Vincoli - Torino
2009: Frontier Lands - Other worlds Saluzzo (CN) Caserma Mario Musso: show "INK MUSIC Paintings for a musician", music Giulio Berutto
2009: Event "Genius female" Circle of Readers - Turin: pit performance



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